Star Trek Deck Building GameWhile you’re waiting for the next Star Trek film (to be directed again by J. J. Abrams), continue your own adventures in the Next Generation Star Trek universe with the Star Trek Deck Building Game from Bandai!

2-5 players take on the role of a captain of a salvaged starship, searching for new allies such as Jean-Luc Picard, Data, William Riker and other famous characters from classic Next Generation Star Trek films and television.

Explore space to complete missions, encounter events, and meet starships—be they friends or enemies!

The game features three separate scenarios of play: free-for-all Explorations, in which you explore space to complete missions, encounter events, and engage starships; the cooperative Borg Invasion, in which the Borg have come to assimilate you and everything you know, and players must band together to defend your world and fend off the Borg; and finally the team-play Klingon Civil War, in which a rift in power has been created in the Klingon Empire, and players must form an alliance, gather support, and defeat your enemies to obtain control.

The goal of each game varies—while some require players to reach a point threshold, the goal in others is simply to survive. The one Star Trek Deck Building Game allows you to play these three very different ways—allowing for a great replay value.

Contents: Full-Color Rulebook, 300 Cards, 5 20-sided Dice, and Foam Dividers for cards.