Pyramid of HorusDescend into an ancient Egyptian pyramid in The Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus, a standalone board game of danger and exploration for 2-6 players. In this fast-paced and tense experience, whichever player escapes from the pyramid alive and with the highest treasure value wins. Will you emerge bearing priceless archeological treasures or will you succumb to the mortal dangers waiting inside?

Players can choose from eight different Adventurers, each with their own backstory and special ability, as they commence their expedition. Once inside the pyramid, you and the other Adventurers search for archaeological relics hidden or buried in four chambers or corridors. But beware! Each room carries with it unique perils that can hinder or ultimately finish you, from the bite of a cobra to the haunting touch of a wandering mummy.

The Pyramid of Horus

Once a benevolent god of the desert, Seth’s envious nature transformed him into the god of chaos. Unfortunately for you and the other Adventurers, the pharaoh dedicated his pyramid to Horus, Seth’s sworn enemy. To appease his dark god, pharaoh’s architect and secret cultist, Imhotep, consecrated the pyramid’s ceiling to Seth. But Seth cannot be appeased; he has decided to direct his fury at you and the other invading Adventurers hoping to seal you inside.

From the moment you enter, Seth shakes down the pyramid around you with his thunderous anger; stone blocks randomly fall during each turn. You are in constant danger of being wounded, crushed, or worst of all forever trapped in the pyramid if the falling stones obstruct the only way out. How much time do you have to explore the pyramid before there’s no escape? No one knows!

The game ends when all the Adventurers have either narrowly escaped to safety or been sealed inside by the stone blocks. Unfortunately, successfully leaving the pyramid is only half the battle: to win, you must also have the highest value of treasure looted from the tomb.

You can search for treasure everywhere in the pyramid, beginning in the antechamber, but the farther you descend the higher the value of treasure you find. The pyramid is home to necklaces, treasure-laden sarcophagi, and even sacred idols that are worth a fortune…but also cursed. Of course, you are only capable of carrying a certain amount of treasure which is symbolized by a load level that cannot exceed 12. An adventurer’s load level also determines his speed: the more treasures he carries, the higher his load level and the slower he moves. Sometimes greedy adventurers will be forced to discard some of their treasures to move faster. So do you ditch some of your prizes, or can you get out in time?

Nothing is ever free, and that includes loot. Beyond Seth’s falling stones you must also be wary of hidden threats that can wound you and living mummies who roam the corridors. Wounds will also affect your movement, slowing you down. A wound counts as part of an adventurer’s load level, and constricts the amount of treasure he can carry. Of course, a brave and wise adventurer doesn’t let physical injury stand in the way of fortune. Adventurers can heal themselves by searching for and using equipment. However, the equipment resources are limited—so use caution!

The Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus has a tense and immersive playing atmosphere; racing against an unknown time limit pits you against your opponents in a cutthroat competition. What’s more, the beautifully-sculpted Adventurer and Mummy miniatures that accompany the colorfully illustrated cards and detailed game board will draw you into the thrilling danger before you.

Disturbing a cursed pyramid has its hazards, but there is no adventure without risk. Can you make it out alive and wealthy or will this ancient Egyptian tomb be your final resting place?

The Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus includes: 8 unique Adventurer cards, 8 beautifully-sculpted Adventurer figures, 3 detailed Mummy figures, 9 easy-to-attach bases, 5 colored dice, and over 100 colorfully illustrated cards.