Are you ambitious and cunning enough to rule the city of Cadwallon?

ArcanaIn Fantasy Flight’s stunning new revised edition of Arcana, 2-4 guild leaders send their loyal agents into the districts of Cadwallon to entice, bribe, or win over powerful citizens, buy precious treasures, and utilize locations. Whichever player earns the most victory points wins!

This vibrant game creates a fantastical atmosphere for players to enjoy while they attempt to best their opponents through strategic card play.

Make your guild the most influential by winning stake cards and strengthening your deck with impressive personalities, advantageous locations, or tempting relics to use in bribery.

The revised edition of Arcana introduces two new guilds, and six new rule options for players to choose from, or play with them all for a more challenging experience.

Arcana includes: 6 Guild Crest cards, 120 Guild cards, over 100 Stake cards, over 60 cards for game variant play, and 1 rulebook. The beautiful illustrations that are so unique to this enjoyable card game are featured throughout.

Old fans of this game, and gamers who have yet to discover its fun cardplay and unique atmosphere, will be eager to enter the city of Cadwallon with this new edition!