Top TimeIt’s time for a Top Time! Manoeuvre your spinning top through electronic checkpoints and race your opponents to the finish. The digital precision timer will keep your highest score so you can challenge your friends over and over again!

Choose the maze and electronic game you want to play and challenge your mates to determine who has the top time. There are three games to choose from including Top Time, Chase the Gates and Lights Out! In each of these games you will need to manoeuvre your spinning top through the electronic gates to record your score. The scorer has a built-in memory that knows the difference between all game formats and the levels of difficulty—easy, medium, hard or expert!

To launch your spinning top, load it in the ‘easy load and launch’ mechanism in the middle of the maze and release the trigger. Each side of the maze is coded for difficulty so you can choose a level that suits you best, and each round takes between 2 and 4 minutes to complete.

Top Time features light-up sensors for accurate scoring, an electronic LCD display, infrared scoring gates, three challenging game modes, and detailed instructions!