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1/100 Games in 100 Days: Space Hulk Death Angel

It was the middle of the night when I decided to throw this together. I figured that I had so many games in my collection that I needed to get them all played. What better way to do it than impose not just a restriction but also a timeframe to this goal.


Considering it was late at night and I did not plan this to the absolute minute detail: there was pretty much no one to share my game with at this time. Tomorrow would have been a better day since I would get to play with a new game group but alas I started tonight.


Threw open my freshly sleeved Space Hulk Death Angel and decided to tango in the stealer infested corridors. Currently I am 0-4 against the event deck and the obviously weighted dice.

It started off well. Doors were being closed, Stealers were blown apart and the Marines were pretty sure they would be home for tea and medals by the end of night.

Suddenly Broodlords…

Then Flanking…

Then Marines started facing random directions…






It suddenly got very tense. Luckily I found the opportunity as genestealers shifted aside for one chance to end the game.













Fun brutal game that’s quick enough for me not to get super mad when some bad roll ruins my schtick. Its like a unique puzzle every turn. Still unsure whether to get the expansions. Awesomely fits in the box even when fully sleeved.


Till tomorrow





  1. I like that Death Angel is just as brutal on the marines as the Space Hulk board game.

    • GamesParadise

      January 22, 2012 at 10:54 PM

      I love the Space Hulk Board game but alas the card game doesnt have that tension where both the marines are racing against the clock.

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