Woke up this morning at 7 am to teach some people how to play Here I Stand online at the Wargameroom.com. I missed the teaching game but ended up playing a pick up 6 player game with the regulars. Deals were fast and loose but I was interrupted by friends who came for basketball.
As an aside I feel inclined to play games on the site only when I own them.

Basketball then Thai food (massamun!!) which paved the way for;


Brand new, just opened and unsleeved : (
Play was quick and fast. This is not a game for people who shy away from confrontation.
No Cravens ALLOWED

I’ve played this game with more passive people and that can draw it out. With this group it was quick and it was bloody. Claws were haute and flying fast. It was fast and fits that same niche and time frame of 7 wonders with a lot more in your face gamma raying. But man was it a blast. There was seemingly a lot of choices and the game was quick enough that you didn’t mind being eliminated. Or at least I didn’t.
Needless to say my Kraken died 1st three times.
Like a boss

Do you have a guy who is just that lucky?
The same guy that wins all the Catan games streaked three straight wins with King of Tokyo before a Kaiju Coalition brought him down in the final game. What is with his DICE ROLLING?

Sorta wish there was innate differences between the monsters but I love how simple and clean the game is. Any more would just bog it down.
I love it how sometimes you don’t want to be the king of Tokyo but destiny and design shoves you into the stage of history. Usually design and by stage I mean the fists of all your friends.

Till tomorrow!

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