This is just going to be a quick update!

We just set up our stall at CanCon. This is our 4th year there and we have a massive range of stuff. It took us 4 hours to setup. That’s a whole lot of Catan (and a million other games) :S

Lacking the time needed to really play a game I had to rush to my portable stack of solitaire games to play during the downtime.

Enter Rune Age.

It is so hard to break out of the deck building mould. God knows Rune Age tries.
I mean it almost feels like it tried to bite off more than it could chew but somehow it just feels right.
Four different sides.
Four DIFFERENT game modes.
Competitive game play.
Solitaire play.

All in a tight Fantasy Flight Silver Line box.
Solitaire with the game is a race to defeat the customary evil before the game decides to chew you up and spit you out.
I still haven’t played this with more than one.

All my elves are on fire.
All of them

Till Tomorrow (CANCON D: )