With the anticipation of the long awaited expansion for Ascension: Storm of Souls, Games Paradise will start the Ascension process by dedicating a whole month to Ascension. Teamed up with Gary Games, Games Paradise will hold a monthly sale of Ascension products and end the month with an Ascension Game Day held in Sydney with prizes valued at $500.

During February there will be sales heralding the Ascension product line. Each week  a different game, Chronicle of the Godslayer, Return of the Fallen and the new Storm of Souls, will receive significant discounts when purchased online. Purchases of Storm of Souls and Chronicles will receive exclusive promotional cards only available from Games Paradise in Australia.

Finally the in the dying days of the month an Ascension game day will be held in Sydney to determine a Champion.
First place prizes include a $500 gift card, free to spend on the Games Paradise online Store.
There is a gift card valued $250 for the runner up and multiple promos and Ascension t-shirts will be available during the event!

Stay vigilant over the blog, with introduction and strategy articles to get you up to speed with the fast paced gameplay of Ascension.


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Get ready to weather the Storm of Souls this February with Games Paradise