One of the more frequent questions we get asked here at Games Paradise is “What sleeves do I use for game X ?”
There is like a million different type of sleeves out there varying in size, shape and quality. Many games out there require sleeves and it is daunting choosing the right sleeve for the right game. I find it common to purchase some sleeves only to find out they are just a little too small and what really is going to fit those monstrous Dixit cards?

Luckily we have prepared this quick primer to sleeves so you can quickly get that awesome feeling when you a completely sleeved collection.

Why Sleeve?

Because you love your games.
Confession time.
My biggest fear: getting games damaged.

Wet hands, spilled drinks, sweat: Gaming has all these hazards.

When I bring my games out- Water is served 3 meters away with plenty of towels in between. Rightly so, my games are my hobby and sleeves are another way of protecting them, like an impenetrable shield over your priceless cards.

People also constantly shuffle, they get anxious when losing and some have terrible habits. Like bending cards, like bending alllll the cards. While that can fill an article in it self (thinking thinking…) at some point I was tired of looking at run down cards and decided if I was going to invest in games I was going to protect them. But how do I get there?
So the question: Do I want to sleeve a Euro game of an American one?

I am a Euro person myself 

Dominate in Dominion? 7 Wondering where to get sleeves for those gigantic cards? Some pun about Agricola?
Some popular Euro games have cards with unique sizes.





Games to protect: Agricola, Dominion, Memoir 44

The standard is 59mmx92mm.








Games to protect: 7 Wonders

Larger!  65mm x 100mm





Games to protect: Lost Cities

Larger! 70mm x 110mm




Games to protect: Dixit

Even Larger: 80mm x 120mm



Follow us next week for some popular US games and sleeves; I’m looking at you Arkham Horror O_O


BONUS QUESTION: What brands do I choose?
Choosing which brands to use really comes down to quality and what do you want to do with your sleeves.
Here are the brands that I use when sleeving my games.

They make high quality clear sleeves that I struggle to break no matter how fidgety I get. A big plus is they are honestly the only
manufacturers I know that make sleeves for 7 Wonders and Dixit and those cards get passed around alot. They have a very comprehensive list for their sleeves right HERE:

Fantasy Flight Games
Their standard line is great for Magic The Gathering, Ascension, Thunderstone and any LCG (Game of Thrones, Call of Cthulhu, Warhammer Invasion and Lord of the Rings). They are extremely sturdy and easy to shuffle and did I mention one of them has
Ser Jaime Lannister on it?

Dragon Sleeves
Probably the best sleeves to shuffle fullstop. Slick and shiny buthave good grip. Extremely high quality, long lasting Grade A sleeves. I have had my ones for years and they only grow stronger, better, faster and more beautiful every passing day. I highly suggest these on your marquee Magic decks.

This is not the be all, end all of lists. Check out the game’s manufacturer website for their suggestion on what sleeve to use or view the list under each sleeve in the Games Paradise store right here:


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Happy shuffling gamers