Whoever told me this game was for beginners was lying through their dirty rail baron teeth. This is as cut-throat of a game as Game of Thrones 2nd edition, and that’s saying alot.

At first we were all making little routes like friendly social workers; only to devolve into rail hungry capitalists as the board filled up.

Ticket to Ride reminds me of Kingdom Builder: primarily because I played Kingdom Builder first. It looks easy when it starts off but then it starts to suck you in with its depth.

It’s no Caylus but it can boost your kids colour hungry ambitions.


11/100 Games in 100 Days: Anomia

might not be heard of but I played a quick game of Anomia with my sisters last night. I now have a reason to throw out fast card games like Uno.

Anomia is like Snap…EXCEPT using your MIND!


Such a fast paced game that feels like you are using all of your brain.

It hurts just thinking about it >_<!

Till tomorrow

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