Never enjoyed Co-ops before.
Pandemic was pushing cubes.
Mansions of Madness tasted gamey.
Arkham Horror took 2 days to properly play and even then felt like solitaire.

Flash Point igniting something in me.
Maybe it was the simple gameplay, the evocative narrative or the eternal quest for man to dominate its natural predator: fire but it stirred something.

I’m pretty sure it was the box art.

Take a look at that guy. He wants to win so bad (against fire). Snap impulse buy

And that is what it feels like. A sudden race to get everyone out and do it quickly. I feel that the game needs less people to save and less of those POI counters to make it extremely tense but after 1 play (30 Mins) we were ready to go again.

Highlights was grabbing a person through a broken wall right before the room exploded. Like a boss.
Low Lights is watching room after room explode due to the 4th False alarm.

Till tomorrow.

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