Typing this with white paint all over my fingers. Probably not good for a new laptop :S

While the paint to my new apartment dried, we played a quick game of Blokus Duo. By that I mean like 4 games. It was way faster than chess and it felt like every turn was a lot of mental gymnastics.

It begged the question…

Is there strategy in the game?

I am still in that stage where I am trying to work out all the nuances and there is still that feeling of discovery. I feel like a conquistador of configuration.

Wheel that spruiky thing!

Does the lack of theme annoy any one? Could they have pasted on knights or merchants or something?

I still dread customers asking me if ‘This is Tetris’.

P.s Played way more Anomia: It gets pretty tense. Tell people to play with hands behind their backs.

Till Tomorrow!

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