What a week.

Risk Legacy was released in Australia and I picked up two copies.
One to enshrine and the other to other to ravage with the fortunes of war.

Was running out of quick games to play after work which was small enough to carry while we started to move house. I took a look at my collection to find a small petite box staring back at me.

Penguins? FFG cashing in on the Happy Feet crowd?

More like vicious brawl on the fjords (or where ever penguins live).

This is a cruel allegory of what environmental overfishing really is.
We received all the points but our metaphorical penguins are adrift in the ocean.

But what a fun game. Really quick and light and can feel almost chess like. Definitely going to play this again with more people (4). Though at three people it took teamwork to really screw someone over.

Don’t play if you are faint of heart!


Till tomorrow

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