I love playing trading card games.
They always sate the completionist in me and I love that gameplay that Magic the Gathering brings to the table.

World of Warcraft TCG sort of turned me off because of the theme.
I am wary of tie ins and as an (previously) avid WoW player it sort of
felt weird for the IP to be transferred to a different medium.

The game plays like magic.
Two players walk in and one walks out.
No clunky land system. Any cards act like land (I like to think of them as XP)and its you and your allies and swords and shields vs their tableau.

Suddenly it is on and both of you are scrabbling for advantage.

Also Loot!
I was relieved to find out it played well. Alot more aggressive than Magic the Gathering and heaps of decisions to make every turn.

It really adds that step up to Magic I was looking for that The Spoils also filled.

And A Game of Thrones
And L5R
And Call of Cthulhu

Maybe Warhammer Invasion?

Till Tomorrow!
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