Conventions are so tiring.
I don’t know how you gamers do it.
18 hours gaming, then going back to the apartment for 8 player Twilight Imperium, that takes alot of moxie.
I did not nearly have enough mana: stayed in the sidelines and watched the space opera unfold.

Things I hate about Cancon: saying I can’t play a game even though I really want too. Had a few offers from friend to play, even a teaching game of Twilight Struggle!! : (

After working for 9 Hours kicked back and waited for the midnight release for a game which must not be named.

And played a game a bunch of games in between. The highlight was a game of Dominion. Gold was flying everywhere and villages were cycling. The game was every bit of fun as it always was except I still hate villages.

Oh and dat chapel.

Chapel hard and chapel fast. I won but I felt i left some newer people behind.

Watched a person unfold an amazing collection which you can check out in my tumblr

Till Tomorrow