Is it just me or did they HIT the sweet spot with this game.

A tale of epochs and civilizations crumbling and falling.
30 minute play.
No player elimination?

and up to 7 players!

This is the weapon of choice during those long Saturday nights before games of Catacombs or Runewars. And I can’t believe its longevity.

The simple play and the clean mechanics are so enthralling.
It looks almost too easy.
Then it hits you. You start playing cards then look around…thats alot of green buildings there mate
Now you are trashing linen. Who needs linen anyways? Oh wait those bratty Greeks from Halicarnassus want the linen. ALL THE LINEN.

Too bad: Linen is now the left foot of the Colossus and now you have to change strategies.

One of my faves and a solid reminder to me that there is still innovation just out there.

Till Tomorrow x 7