After an amazing Storm of Souls Event day which saw stacks of games being played, most of all Ascension Storm of Souls.
That game was pretty fun. I mean how much strategy did the game contain.
Most of it was tactics which is fine but it certainly scratches a different itch compared too Dominion.

Last night we brought home some wine and friends and tangoed in the starred ring known as Cosmic Encounter.
Known pretty much as a fierce and crazy dudes on an abstracted map game, one of its big appeals its its huge catalogue of playable races with remarkably different powers.

Now I have played Cosmic Encounter before and had a terrible time playing it. Hopefully this game would change my mind.

But once we dealt out the races it was stop go stop go from there.
Only in the final hours once we had a groove how did we find how interesting and utterly crazy the game was.

Way meatier than it should be and I would rather play Rex for my space fix.

Till tomorrow!

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