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21/100 Games in 100 Days: Ares Project

I felt that this game just did not get enough credit.
Such a faithful recreation of the Starcraft meta in a boardgame format.
Perfect for 1v1 and slow but playable for anything else.

Ares Project deals with that whole integration between units, strategy and time that all RTS’s try to deal with.
As a boardgame it is a sublime mix of tension and strategy. A hidden race of whether or not you can beat your opponent in a fight.

Then suddenly it sort of disappeared of the map and it is hard to find any one that is willing to play that extreme confrontational 1v1 aspect of the game.

Pity… It does have an amazing place in my collection.

Definitely a favorite in 2011.

Till Tomorrow!

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  1. What game is this?

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