It was around 8:00 when our small game group decided we wanted to finish the night with one last hurrah.
We muddled around and flicked through a bunch of games. Our last choice (Evo) took quite a while and left us to choose something a little bit fun and light.



Bidding! Creatures! Doods on the map!

Triremes made a splash and suddenly we were off. Early aggression and control of Ares gives you easy Island control but it was plain to see that Zeus was the key to the game. Priests were flowing and suddenly 12 Drachmas on the feet of Poseidon was no big deal. Mythological creatures were flying out as if they were going out of fashion.
one sat on one.The game started to slip away from me once I was out played on every bid on Zeus and it left me at a meager no metropoli while every

The bank of Apollo saved the day with one final massive bid on Athena which not just built a Metropolis filled with nerds but a Half Chimera Half pegasus Hybrid for the win.


Score one for the Badguys!

Anyone checked out the expansion?
What do you think about it?

Till Tomorrow!
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