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May the odds be forever in your favour…

If you are a fan of the books or are loving the new movies there is a new set of games ready to throw you into the world of
The Hunger Games.

We have just received two new ones. The Hunger Games: District 12 Strategy Game and The Hunger Games Jabberjay Card Game.

The Hunger Games: District 12 Strategy Game.

Learn to survive survival by evading the Reaping. Players try to survive in the notorious District 12, gathering food, medicines and supplies while outwitting the other players. At the end one player will be chosen for the Reaping being instantly eliminated from the final tally.

While a few players shy away from direct elimination, in this 30 minute game of cut throat worker placement you find that not only is it in theme but you are thrown face first into an ice cold bowl of tension. The game also has a push your luck mechanic which can give you the edge but also increases the chance of you being chosen.

A great game to introduce to fans and new boardgame players.


The Hunger Games: Jabberjay Card game

For those who love public deduction games like Werewolf and Mafia comes the Hunger Games Jabberjay card game. Players have hidden roles and hidden objectives. The District Citizens have to find the peacekeepers hidden among them. Clever card plays will force people to reveal their identity and be forced to flee the wrath of the other players.

Similar to games like The Resistance, the Jabberjay card game creates this scene of hidden intrigue and trying to read or guess your opponents role is as important and clever strategies.


These are just two games in the Hunger Games world.Pick up these games and immerse yourself in the ruthless world of Suzanne Collins in board/card game form.


and remember…


May the odds be forever in your favour.

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  1. Although I haven’t read the series, this movie has deflniteiy left an impression on me!! I have the sudden urge to get all three books and read them… I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THIS MOVIE’S OUT!!!!!

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