New Loot

Monsuno: New trading card game I want to try out to see what they bring to the table: Looks like it will fit that Yu Gi Oh itch for the young gamers.
Catan Junior: Speaking of new gamers, new Catan game aimed at the younger side of games. New mechanics and a cool ghost pirate robber figurine which I now need in my collection( New Space race Counter!)

Abaddon: Sci Fi Battlelore for Richard Borg which is a thematic hit as nothing is as cool as walking behemoths vomiting out lasers

Magic Playmats: Tapping and Styling ! Nothing feels just as good as throwing down with a play mat. Ensure your expensive sleeves don’t get any dirt on them. I’m sure you open more creature kill when you draft with a playmat (not guaranteed)




Week in Review


Powergrid Maps and Zooloretto expansions are on Sale. Heaps reduced and should check them out if you want to grow Panda’s in a nuclear powered Chinese zoo.

Android Netrunner = All My Hype


That equals 4 different LCG’s I will have to  support…


State of Play

Not many games at all but I did  manage to get an old gaming buddy to play some war games  this week, just like old times.

We tried that hyped up deck builder, A Few Acres of Snow, designed by one of my favourite auteurs; Martin Wallace.
While we loved playing Brass it was interesting to see what wargame concoction he could brew up; especially using the deck building mechanic.

What we expected was a some Twilight Struggle esque event deck constructing game.
What we did get was Dominion with a board.

Not to say that it was a bad thing. You could we there was a lot of depth and clever deck management mimicked empire building. A quick take of Halifax allowed me to use Her Majesty’s Navy
to its finest in blowing up all seaside settlements.

Definitely a good game and I am interested to see what the Halifax Hammer controversy is like. I know it is out of print but come Toy and Game Expo 2012 we will have more stock of this amazing wargame!

Oh yea…



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