I love spaghetti westerns.

Nothing better than a standoff followed with a blaze of gunfire.
Well if Twilight Struggle could attest, sitting in the Kremlin and making dominoes fall is equally as fun.
But not everyone has the time to throw down the slugfest which is Twilight Struggle, then the list of fun (for me at least), 2 player games start to grow thin.

Lost Cities? Card counting.
War of the Ring? same problem as Twilight struggle: with orcs.
Magic? Yeah sure but I could only tap that  game for so long.
But checking through the new game pile yesterday I found an eager El Indio grasping two revolvers pointing straight at me.
While the bullets missed the game didn’t. A fast  card game about hunting down the Colty gang with a posse of Law Dogs, Revolver really scratched that two player asymmetrical itch that Labyrinth: War on Terror and a CCG game would.

Gameplay was fun and furious. Cowboys and bandits would die left and right and as the Colty gang you really get to feel like the world is against you and you have to race for the Mexican border. As the border looms close, only your closest companions are left as the noose begins to draw around you. Suddenly you are on the 3:15 express from Rattlesnake station with your dog dead and only a few Derringers to keep you comfy.


That’s when you blow up the train.
With all the bounty hunters on it.
Then you make your run for the border.

Ride off. Sunset. Varmints
Doused with the spaghetti western theme making it 3:10 to ‘Yuma’ in-con- carnate this game really hits the theme sweet spot of being playable and thematic (I am looking at you Scarab/ Minotaur Lords… wait that game is pretty good).

Won’t be slamming this down in party situations (unless they are playing Twilight Imperium when you awkwardly rock up mid turn 2), but this is a surefire keep to replace some bad two player card game.

Who am I kidding, I keep all my games.

Check out Revolver: The Wild West Gun Fighting Game here
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