Not shown: the endless expanse of potential and orcs

Enough with the puns and back to the gaming.

Yesterday I managed to get my greedy little hands on Mage Knight the Boardgame, the second coming.
A lot of people missed out on the first print run and this time it has come back with a vengeance.
There was a lot of fuss being made about the game and a torrent of accolades! All aboard the hype train!

What did I think?

Pretty amazing game. Surprising deck building mechanics inside this game which was used in a way I would never have expected.
You play as heroes but the twist is you can also play as a more villainous character; with the NPCs loving or hating you because of it.

People sort of irked at the complexity of the game but once you go through the game walkthrough, it falls into place fast enough and gives the player pretty robust decisions to make. The best part is how it grabs you and throws you into Azeroth  Hyrule and you really feel like a bunch of adventures kicking in Lich doors then realizing you do not have the cards you need to give him a good bashing.  Lots of fighting but also enough resource management to separate it from Talisman and Dungeon Run. It is also one of the only boardgames which have tapped into the idea of exploration and whether you can explore faster than your friends  enemies, especially when some hacked artefact is waiting for the winner.
What I didn’t like…explaining combat. That was weird for people to take in as it was hard for them to realize it was pretty do or die. And round to round upkeep was pretty tiring which was always rolling dice or filtering cards but not more so than other high upkeep games.  

All in all an engaging fantasy race game that intrigues me to play it more and with friends that would like to roleplay mid game like a wizard, just not a super efficient accounting wizard.

Would play again and again and is currently the adventuring game of choice (duelling for top honours with Legend of Drizzt)

What it superceded: Talisman
What it really needs: Flowcharts and time to personally paint those figures

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