What’s New

What we played:

Weekend was hectic as I tried to get Virgin Queen played twice. The players got cold feet at the scope and majesty of such and endeavour leaving us to play smaller games.

Bloodbowl Team Manager: Quite a game, still iffy at the strength of the staff upgrade cards and the length of play. Ends up being a longer game than you would expect but makes it up by being a deeper game than you think it is. Alot of fun decisions especially if they all are ” Lets hit that dude”.

Merchant and Marauders: Three players leaves alot of space to not be marauded and for you to do routes however all bets are off after a player grabbed a 2nd turn Galleon. Pyoo Pyoo went some navy ships and the sound you can hear is all the merchants trying to tack as far away as possible from the obviously superior ship. This game begs to ask why choose a Frigate over a Galleon. Have to check the BGG for any alternative rules for the frigate as we saw Galleons blow through them quite quickly.

Legend of the Five Rings CCG: Trying to teach people to play a new CCG when they already know Magic the Gathering is a bit confusing. Lots of actions being done in INSTANT SPEED and people wondering about this mysterious open action. I am loving the dynamics of the game and the strategy. I hope it is as fun to draft as it is to play and I am feeling the itch for more fast 2 player games. Which brings me to…

A Few Acres of Snow: Hopefully another game of this  during the week or maybe its CDG cousins (Twilight Struggle and Labyrinth)
Revolver: Still a game can’t wait for those inevitable expansions…hint hint!

Virgin Queen: … A non event. Maybe this weekend…Question mark?