What is New?

For preorders we are putting their prices on sale. What does that mean for you guys? Cheaper games if you grab a preorder before
the prices change when the product comes into stock.


WizKids Lord of the Rings Nazgul: Coming out next week

Paizo Pathfinder Battles Rise of the Runelords: Coming out soon

New Stuff!

Terraclips: Too make warzones and skirmish areas with!

Magic the Gathering Planeschase 2012 Decks:  Jump in and change the way you play magic and get a glimpse of all the different worlds.

Kingdom Builder Nomads expansion: It adds heaps more stuff for Kingdom Builder which looks like a sure fire candidate for the illustrious
Spiel Des Jahres!


What we played

This week was pretty busy so I didn’t get to hunker down and play too many games.

Most interesting was Merchants and Marauders which is becoming a favourite but it is a hefty game to play especially if you were looking to only play for a short amount of time.
Mind you the entire game my pseudonym proceeded to achieve nothing and sink/drown from port to port. Only in the last turn of the game did I rally and marched from zero points to 4 in a ship slaying swathe across the Caribbean.

Looking forward to the weekend for some games of Race for the Galaxy and Here I Stand!
I love Race which was making strides as a tableau builder before newer games like Innovation emerged. The deckbuilder craze started and amazing card games like Race for the Galaxy disappeared to make room for the new mechanic. Still an amazing game to play and with a new expansion coming out, now is a good time to check on this old classic.