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Descent Descending!


Amazing times!
Descent 2nd edition has arrived which is pretty much the second coming as board games are concerned. 

That or the Eclipse 2nd printing.

This looks like its a great reinvention of the Descent Package. Smaller box but way more content and figurrreees sooo many figures!

Try the game at the Descent Game Day on the 5th and 7th of July!
Win some promos and start your legend.

For more info check out
Games Paradise Pitt Street (Matt): 9267 2069
Games Chain Chatswood (Scott) : 9884 7333

What’s new?

This week
Gloom and Castle Panic of Tabletop Fame are now instock.
Monopoly: World of Warcraft, Brave, Classic Spiderman is now in.
Tournay and Munchkin Conan rounds out the new games.

Risk Halo Legendary Edition will be in stock soon and Scrabble Book Lovers.

Monopoly: Futurama Edition is now back in stock.


What we played!

Through the Ages is pretty much the toughest game to get my head around now.
Such a wide and deep worker placement game and this is just the beginners game.

 Can’t wait to try the full game for the full gamut of selections such as combat.

Also started to put together my minis for Super Dungeon Explore and just got more white spray paint for the undercoat.

such a pain. T__T
Will try boiling water to remould it but man alive did it waste 40 minutes of my life.



  1. When will Descent be available to buy?

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