What’s new?

Dragon Shield sleeves for all you TCG fans. Personal favourite brand of mine as they feel amazing and last forever. Also they are are made by Arcane Tinman who develops Spoils, one of my

all time fave TCG’s.

For the kids: Chupacabra  which is a new dice game based on surviving fantastical monster attacks.

New Chapter packs of A Game of Thrones LCG and Call of Cthulhu LCG

 Small World Realms and Descent are the big ones. Descent preorders have all been served with airfreighted stock.

Also new preorders such as Dominion: Dark Ages, DC deck building game and 3012: Deckbuilding game

 What we played!

Lunch Time Descent! Although not every day, we throw caution to the wind and play a scenario from Descent 2nd edition. It is our express goals to make this into a regular-ish thing we can do when we aren’t swamped with work. Last week was First Blood, the starting scenario involving Mauler letting his goblin followers escape while the heroes break up his pow wow.

Enter Syndrael, Alaric and Avric

Knight, Necromancer and Disciple intervening on Maulers party by unloading alot of flame and steel upon the horde of goblins. We didn’t finish the session but ended it with the heroes bogged down under an avalanche of dead ettins and goblins.


The game plays really well and fast. There is a tonne of variation in the box, a plethora of play with a full campaign already included in the box filled with player choices on what to do. There is an interesting mix of mission objectives, I only thought the adventurers would be mindlessly killing things but I was glad to see missions about grabbing vegetables and suck. Only problem I have is that there is no finality in the game aside from defeat, with the heroes constantly enduring all manners of punishment to grind the overlords minions to dust.

Mind you I LOVE miniatures. They are pretty much on the amazing side and having two dragons is always better than none.