Back in Stock

Lots of stock just came back into stock.
Game of Thrones, Munchkin  Deluxe, Ticket to Ride anything and Small World all are back online. If you have an outstanding order for any of these
items, they should be ready to go or have just left.

What’s New? 

Magic 2013 has just dropped and we are all to busy playing 52 pickup with all these new Magic cards.
We have these swanky Deckbuilder Toolkits which are pretty much the best way to start playing right after picking up an intro deck.
Lots of value and every thing your really need as a beginner.
Still have a lot of Fat Packs so pick them up before they run out.

Dungeon Command from Wizards in the Loth and Cormyr variety. This is a quick skirmish game that can be mixed with the Dungeons and Dragons dungeon crawlers.

Expect fast brutal gameplay like Heroscape or Dream blade which is also a Wizards skirmish game.

Fiasco for all you RPG fanatics and its erstwhile companion kit. As seen in the most recent Tabletop video, intense situations to roleplay out of.

Finally Maharani which is a new age tile laying Euro-game bursting with intriguing gameplay choices.

What we are playing

Pretty much Magic 2013.
All the time, every time.
Last weekend was dominated by 3 drafts of the new format and showed that
A) It was nothing like Magic 2012  and;
B) This was a good thing.

I was pretty much tired being blown out by turn 5 in Magic 2012 by goblin piker and its aggressive ilk. By far one of the most aggressive drafts ever made, M12 proceeded to teach us lessons about tempo and why goblin piker and coral merfolk were pretty much good cards depending on the format.

M13 was heaps different. Slower and more methodical card choices allows for a person to brew up many different combinations. Exalted is a great albeit risky mechanic which rewards good reading and commitment. Low levels of creature kill allows for alot more out playing and more emphasis on creature enchantments.

Loving it right now,
Have to wait to see what it is like after many plays.

My card of the format is Talrends Invocation which is value central and makes 2/2 flyers which pretty much pound on any one or trades for value.

Tonight I have wargames so might eke out an extra play of Dungeon Command.