Gencon has come and gone and that means one thing…HYPE!

What’s new ?

While there is a lull right before the swathe of Gen- Con releases, the wait is pretty much over.

New Warhammer 40 000 boxed set – Dark Vengeance . Did you see those models? The detailing is just sick. I do like it how they are creating a sort of board games-esque experience where you can get playing as quickly as possible. They are really making awesome stand out sets now starting from Assault on Black Reach.

The Hobbit: Over hill and Under hill. At least this isn’t being extended to a trilogy. The Lord of the Rings Card Game was always one breaking Card game conventions, but  I never knew if it was one to have legs.  These sets need to really affirm what Lord of the Rings LCG can do with the mechanics and it has been a great journey. At least in Over hill and under hill they are pushing the mechanics of their system to the fullest. Time will tell if this series will reach a competitive state or just a fan favourite for casual play. Really needs an Epic mode or something.

Leviathan: Massive box filled with flying dreadnoughts. Sign me up. Actually surprised me with the 1/1200 scale models as I thought there was just going to be stand ins.

Dominion Dark Ages : Still have to try it out so good thing I’m gaming over the weekend!

 Whats Hyped!

After eagerly watching Gencon happenings from my Tumblr and Boardgamegeek I could pretty much assure you that Netrunner is pretty much a big deal. Netrunner could be the real boost that FFG needs to bring their LCG series to full competitive status to rival the TCG format. Not to say that it would happen overnight but there seemed to be enough movement of Netrunner to validate the claim that it is the biggest card game related decision this year. Mind you Return to Ravnica is not out yet.
Seasons also sold out very quick which can only mean good things from the same studio that brought you 7 Wonders. Finally the last stand out would be Mice and Mystics which was demo only and seems to be piggy backing the Mouse Guard wave. Plaid Hat( Summoner Wars anything) has been a quality studio and I’m sure they are going to bring that professionalism to a miniature title.

What I Played

Have a new white board near the gaming table so people can record their greatest triumphs.  NOT an exercise in narcissism.

Infiltration : Pretty much a themed version of Incan Gold. Sort of has that tension though Incan Gold’s simplicity lends itself alot of strength. I still like playing Infiltration as it is fast and exciting. Just use Extract and reduce the floor sizes from 6  to 5.

Twilight Struggle : Watched my friends play and saw the entire world swing back and forth. In the end the US couldn’t influence a decolonized Africa and a domino fallen Asia to lead USSR ascendant into an alternate future.

Olympus : Keyaerts dealing with what he deals best. A limited space and limited time game. Very tight gameplay but large decisions means that this game will take longer than you think it will despite the simplicity. The BOX LIES just like Evo, expect 2- 3 hours.