What’s New

Crazy start of the week.
We have Return to Ravnica Preorders at a really low price for one day only! Better snap up those dual lands amirite?
For those not wanting to commit to 6 hours of natural selections: Dominant Species the Card Game has spawned.
Straight from KickStarter is D-Day Dice, a great endeavour for budding wargame players.
FFG has Sewer Pirats and Dungeon Fighter out right now.

Also in are these cool new APPGEAR games. Strap them onto your iphone or tablet and download the free app to fully immerse yourself in the game. These games debuted at Comic- Con San Diego and was a hit with all the kids. It really shows how far touch screen platform games can go.

I am loving the creativity shown in this product and how cool is that ZombieBurbz game. Very Plants VS Zombies chic.

What We Played

Eclipse again. What a great game. This is probably due to Endless Space scratching my 4x game nerve. I still think Twilight Imperium is a better game (all the flavours of a rainbow) but I don’t have the time commitment usually.
Magic the Gathering Magic 2013 Draft. Been forcing alot of  Exalted b/w offerings lately. Even taking substandard exalted guys over premium cards. Hot tip from me is Safe Passage is not just  a fog but a legitimate card. Play around it and draft it late when you can as alot of people underrate it.
Also building my Call of Cthulhu Cube. Tired of having a stack of cards that no one plays, so creating a cube of this game  creates a quick entry point for the game system.

Game Lovers  Loves Quarriors

Trying out one of the freshest concepts for the deck building genre, Game Lovers Sydney picks up Quarriors and rolls with it. If you are interested in checking out Game Lovers Sydney, catch them here:  http://www.meetup.com/Game-Lovers/

John Dewhurst

As a newcomer to Quarriors, I really enjoyed the chaos of it all. Alliteration, flashy cartoon artwork, interaction, uncertainty of the deck building and the dice(!): it’s a busy, exciting game. Quarriors needs to move along to keep the excitement up, so familiarity with deck-building will certainly help since there is a moderate learning curve – particularly in choice of spell and creature abilities. I feel like Quarriors would shine on a table that knows the game well, but doesn’t take it too seriously. This is certainly the lighter end of deck-building, as your best laid plans just won’t pan out some the time. Quarriors is a fast-paced, quick romp and I look forward to playing it again.

John Rotenstein

“Dominion with Dice”

A lot of work has gone into this game, but it’s hard to avoid thinking of it as Dominion played with dice. You spend points to build your “dice deck”, then get dice that build a bit of an “engine” to get more dice, then use attack cards to win points. While the game is very different, the mechanism feels disturbingly familiar.

As with all such games, it takes a while to read the particular capabilities of each dice. Once people are familiar with the game, it would play a lot faster than our initial game. Players would also soon learn the best dice combinations to make a winning deck, err, I mean “dice bag”.

It’s quite fun rolling dice, then collecting them to see what can be played. During our game, there was plenty of table-talk, with other players recommending actions and purchases. This made the game more enjoyable than merely attacking opponents and scoring points.

The game is packaged nicely in a large, dice-shaped box. Getting 130 dice is fantastic — they feel more “real” than getting cardboard in a box. Bags for the dice are colour-coded to simplify scoring, but we did find the bags a bit small for reaching in to collect dice.

The gameplay took a bit of time to understand, but would be familiar to players of Magic-style “deck attack” games. If anything, the game seemed to end a little too quickly, just as some people had built up a powerful set of dice. Perhaps more experienced players would be more aggressive in play, limiting the scoring opportunities and thereby lengthening the game.

If you like dice, you’ll like this game. After all, it’s good to escape cards and cardboard sometimes!


Michael Christie

Quarriors is a “dice battle” game, where 2-4 players draft armies of custom six-sided dice, and battle each other’s army for glory.  The game comes with lots of colourful tiny dice in a compact tin box.  The dice have various values on each side for attack strength, defence, energy cost, and special abilities like re-rolling other dice, or adding more dice to your army.
At the start of a player’s turn, they get Glory Points for any dice still in their army after the other players’ attacks, then roll a handful of six dice to add to their army, as long as some of the dice come up with enough energy results to pay for the additions to their army.  Each game features a random selection of creatures to draft into your army, and spells to boost them, so there is plenty of variation in the game.  Strategy in the game is not about collecting all the dice, it’s about combining a limited selection of dice as effectively as possible, so it is more complex than games like Yahtzee, but still only takes 30-45 minutes to play.  Due to the tactical element and the Pokemon-like theme, it’s probably best suited for tweens and teenagers.