Exciting couple of weeks with a lot of the newest and best in board gaming in stock!

Whats New?

Android – Netrunner makes its appearance this week and already the numbers buying it are strong. An amazing card game design from Richard Garfield could create tournament inroads for Fantasy Flight Games who are in the giant slaying position. Fantasy Flight Games is really getting into gear with the different LCG offerings, generally improving design from set to set.

7 Wonders – Cities has arrived today and pre-orders should be released on the Monday. This expansions adds only a few cards but heaps of gameplay options. One aspect I found weak in 7 Wonders (hard i know!!) was the shallow depth of cards which threw alot of strategy out in a 5-7 player game. More cards means more depth!

Millionaire Monopoly makes an appearance being a swifty and fast version of Monopoly where people just have to reach 1 Million dollars (In liquidity mind you not net worth).

Some news?

Sydcon is up in the October long weekend and really is the home of the most amazing RPG stories ever. Most of my spun tales of roleplaying comes from pick up games during Sydcon. Definitely do the Andersonville campaign if you get a chance.


What we played?  

My Glory to Rome Black Box edition just arrived so I can’t wait to try it out. Its not like I have a dearth of card based civilization building games (Innovation, Race for the Galaxy) but portable strategic games are such a premium.
Currently all aboard the hype train for magic the gathering. Return to Ravnica looks amazing to draft with lots and lots of combat mechanics. Azorius ho!
Neuroshima Hex this weekend, then maybe some Magic Draft. AMAZING!

Also Netrunnnneeerr!

*puts on corporate sell out suit on