Weekly update of new products and what we are playing.


New Loot!
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game – will receive a large update soon. New stock has come in and in the next few days people can start throwing down fantasy style all over the place.

Eclipse – Rise of the Ancients Expansion – brings peace and balance to all of the galaxy to stop the proliferation of missiles and the boredom of only having 6 alien races to choose from. Why couldn’t they have the foresight of Twilight Imperium and add 10?

Mage Wars – was heavily hyped during Gen – Con and while I don’t really need any duelling game aside from Magic the Gathering, they seem to be the game du jour so we can have another Summoner Wars- esque take ala Mythic Battles.


Return to Ravnica











Gorgon planeswalker whut? Now this is why we return to Ravnica, fresh ideas and uber assassins.

What we are playing?

Neuroshima Hex. We just received a bunch of it in so I am fully interested in throwing these down today. From what I have heard its just like a prolonged Mexican stand off plus the awesome post apocalyptic riff.

Eclipse . Missiles…Missiles everywhere. Unbelievably lost a game despite conquering a third of the galaxy. Apparently the choice between tech and two points is a massive one.

Also on the cyber front playing alot more Guild Wars 2 in between my gaming groups new found respect for Twilight Struggle.