Whats News?
Complete restock of the How to Host a Murder line. All the old favourites are back in stock and that includes the oldies and the goodies:

Class of ’54
Tragical Mystery Tour
Last Train from Paris 
The Great Chicago Caper

The last time I tried one of these it also came with cool recipes ( Roman Ruins) which ended up being surprisingly edible.

Also the Dexter Board Game and the Asmodee game Seasons was restocked.

Whats New?

Mythic Battles from Iello brings to the table two player card based combat, as does doppelganger Mage Wars. It probably comes down to which theme you enjoy, greek mythos vs MAGIC but it also boils down too whether or not you own a copy of Summoner Wars or Magic the Gathering.

Return to Ravnica has dropped. Had tons of fun with the prerelease and the set looks like an amazing limited coup as there are so many combat abilities. Fatpacks, Booster Boxes and Intro packs are in with event decks sure to follow up.

Last week all X – Wing games reported in with a full set of Expansions and the dice pack in large quantities. All preorders are out so enjoy recreating Yavin IV like Wedge while your opponent recreates it like Jek Porkins.

What we played

Netrunner. This is clearly one of the best duelling card game I have played for a long time. So many decisions, so many plays! It plays completely differently for Corp and Runner with a mad theme to boot. Made me rewatch RoboCop. All of them.

Also drafted Return to Ravnica and it was quite a hard draft. My Advice: Stay open early and pick up the solid 2-4th picks on colour pack 2. Signals are super IMPORTANT.