What’s New?

Need more gamer fuel? Sonic the Hedgehog and Street Fighter Collectors Edition Monopoly in stock! 
Update for Starcraft Risk: should be in next week so get ready for some mutaling action. This reminds me to play the actual Starcraft the Boardgame: Board game edition as it was a pretty cool and brutal 4X game.
Ugg – Tect! for head bonking action. This could be the party game of choice to the barbarically inclined.

New Yu Gi Oh Structure deck to change up the metagame. This one is the Realm of the Sea Emperor

What’s Back In?

Seasons and The Resistance is back In Stock so quickly snap those up before they disappear again.

What did we play?


Finally won my first game of War of the Ring. The fellowship was annihilated on the steps of Mordor, losing 3 members in the first three steps. In the last

turns it was all in on Rivendell but Frodo dropped his elven cloak on to slam dunk the possessed finery in sweet fashion.

Heaps more Return to Ravnica draft, it is easily one of the more intriguing drafts to play though this is coming from back to back core set and the much maligned Avacyn Restored draft.

Finally Netrunner, playing some ungodly ice destroying anarch brew. This game is quite hard to handle as it is completely different to every other card game out there. Haas Bioroid for a big ice corp deck seems to play very slow and steady.