Essen has come and gone with a few really big games that have got alot of attention.

Do you know what my worker placement game needs? Gears.  
Bioshock Infinity is getting a board game based on the game but not on the game play. I think it is great to see the stronger licenses break out to board game s and the design studio still has the control to make it COMPLETELY different to the video game.

What’s New? 

Stacks of stuff.

Remake of Dungeon! from Wizards for the dungeon crawling retro gamer.
Risk Metal Gear Solid, Halo Legendary Edition and Starcraft is in stock in quite limited quantities.
Wrebbit 3d Puzzles are in. Know the true power of Saruman with the tower of Orthanc model. This could inSPIRE the builder with these scale replicas of other Lord of the Rings models.

Finally we have the new Can of Worms board game based on that TV show. The show always created a bit of buzz around the kitchen table and I am sure that this would spark similar discussion.

The game play reminds me of Apples to Apples which is an amazing party game with the edge of the game ‘Cards against Humanity’.