Pseudo Role-playing Games are in fashion this November with restocks of old favourites and the gleam of the new.


What’s New ?
Mice and Mystics is a hotly anticipated title. This one mixes the goodness of fun role play with rodents and dungeon crawl experience. We all know Plaid Hat’s penchant for quality so this title is sure to make waves.Straight from HBO we have Spartacus – Blood in the Sand. Strangely this is an indepth strategy game despite the frontage of a cheap tie in. It seems people are realizing that television IP’s mixed with a good game really delivers to the audience; GameofThrones *cough*.
Tsuro of the Seas and new Mansions of Madness Expansions are in stock as well.

What’s Restocked?

Munchkin Deluxe is back in stock. Be sure to pick them up because they run out of stock fast.

Magic the Gathering Archenemy is back in stock in VERY limited quantity. Be sure to bring your best bond villain voice with your copy of Archenemy. Never have said the word DOOM so many times as in an Archenemy game.

Finally Sentinels of the Multiverse, Virgin Queen and Space Empires 4x is back instock for all the people who missed out.