Heaps of expansions are in this week and an all new limited edition poker set.
What’s new? 

A new poker chip set from Cartamundi boasts light saber poker chips and an awesome Death Star dealer chip.

Expansions for that awesome 2 player Card Revolver is in stock. Hunt the Man Down and Ambush on Gunshot Trail

War of the Ring is expanded with the Lords of Middle Earth Expansion mellon!

A Game of Thrones the Board Game is expanded with a print on demand expansion from FFG: A Dance with Dragons which reportedly spoils some of the story!

Cutthroat Caverns has a new expansion with the good old fit-all box that more publishers should look forward too.

What’s restocked?

Dungeon! , the Wizards of the Coast remake is back in stock. Its frantic push your luck mechanism is a great way to introduce people to rpg’s or board gaming in general.

Can of Worms is back in stock just in time for Christmas.