Sadly the era of the Friday Frenzy is over… for this year at least. We hope everybody managed to grab some savings and got to play alot of old and new games. We do expect some sort of Frenzy-esque event to happen next year so keep your eyes peeled.



We had a million

Survive Escape From Atlantis
Carcassonne Big Box
Zombie Dice
Dust Tactics
Super Dungeon Explore
Dungeons and Dragons – Dungeon Tile Set

and many more…

The new Loot

New Magic the Gathering Event Decks are in stock now. Expect some high powered cards like Vexing devil and Thragtusk in them. That should make
the lists quite valuable and a good stepping point to the zombies/Jund decks in the metagame.

Sydney Monopoly is in stock and is moving very fast. Expect alot of people to pick it up for Christmas.

Zombicide is there for all those people reeling from the The Walking Dead season finale.

Sentinel of the Multiverse Enchanced Edition is there for all the people waiting for some revamped Super Hero collab action.