March is coming up and its nearly then end of the megasale. There has been a ton of bargains on all the newest games and that doesn’t end in the last three days!


The Sale

Hi team, do note that in these awesome sale periods we do experience a slow down in service. We are managing a large influx of orders and we do place a priority on all the oldest ones. These slowdowns can take an additional 3-5 working days on a standard order.

Whats New ?

Coming in is a massive new shipment of Wizards of the Coast.

Blood of Gruumsh is the new Dungeon Command set. I’m pretty sure it has a warswine in it which is a tick of approval in my books.

Axis and Allies 1914- WW1 makes sure it isn’t quiet on the western front. The game is massive playing with eight people and is marked as a different change of pace to traditional Axis and Allies. Conserving units is key as they are conveniently a limited resource giving the game a meat grinder feel.

Clash of Cultures is all over the news. The next game from Marcussen who has created fine games such as Merchants and Marauders will lead the charge for civilization games played in less than 5 hours. This is a must try especially as i love the depth and theme of Merchants.

Finally Uchronia… for people who do not have Glory to Rome.