Toy and Games Expo 2013

Toy and Game Expo season is upon us! Save the date for the Queens Birthday Long Weekend for an entire weekend of gaming and crazy goodness. Tickets are on sale now and are at 25% off for a limited time only!

Big draws for TAG is the gaming, sales and all the cool exhibits. I will definitely be there ready to try all the newest and funnest games.

Dragon’s Maze

Last weekend was the Dragon’s Maze Prerelease for Magic the Gathering. Selesnya all the way! All the cards look real amazing to draft which is my format of choice. I can’t wait to try DM/GTC/RTR. Came 4th in my flight with a powerful Selesnya/Orzhov mix lead by my BFF Obzedat, Council of Ghosts!
Sick thing I saw : 18 damage from a Flesh and Blood Teysa which pretty much went all the way. 18 life is the new red zone.

New Games just in!

Zombies X for all you zombie fanatics.  

New Yu Gi Oh! Hidden Arsenal 7 for all you duelists.

Dungeon’s and Dragons 3.5 Premium Spell Compendium for all those nostalgic for better times

Strangely a Caverns of Time raid deck when the game is already in the Mists of Panderia.

Words with Friends which is a board game based on an app based on another board game.

Munchkin Penny Arcade in light of Penny Arcade EXPO which will be all over Melbourne in a few short months.

Other News.

The Friday Frenzy is back after a long hiatus and is here to stay.

Next Tabletop product is X – Wing the miniatures game. We are restocking the expansions for that product late next week so keep an eye out for them.