Preorder’s and Restock
Catan Explorers and Pirates is out this week! All preorders should be leaving Monday and Tuesday!
Restocks of Star Wars X Wing Miniatures and Cool Mini or Not products round out the week.

What’s New?
For all you dead heads: Zombicide Walk of the Dead Zombie Pack to reinvigorate that horde.

Steampulp lovers can tango with the Race to Adventure – The Spirit of the Century Game

From Plaid Hat Games we have an all new area control game : City of RemnantsĀ 

Finally new Datapacks for Netrunner and Star Wars are in. That is Humanity’s Shadow and the Search for Skywalker.


Magic The Gathering Modern MastersĀ 

We are only getting in a limited number of Modern Masters Booster Boxes. Preorders are pretty important if you are looking forward to securing this limited print run set of Modern format staples.

I for one welcome our new Tarmogoyf overlords.