I hope everyone is taking heaps of advantage of the stock take sale that we have right now.

Perfect time to pick up awesome games at a steal. Personally would pick up some copies of the new games like Sedition Wars and City of Remnants.  Do note that with the sale orders can have minor delays due to the large influx of orders. Them’s the breaks when you are getting games at a bargain!
Big Restocks!

We are expecting some big guns back in stock soon.

Pandemic and it’s remade expansion On The Brink should be back instock next week.

Forbidden Island resurfaces on Friday so most people will get their copies sent out then.

Fresh new games

Check out some old school favorites like Loopin Louie and Don’t Rock the Boat from Crown and Andrews.  

Also FFG’s new dudes on a map game Gear World is in for all your steam punk needs.