Toy and Game Expo this weekend! Great games, sales and check out new product! There are going to be stacks of new things to check out and do at the Toy and Game Expo. 
Things to check out:

Stacks of fresh new board games to pick up.
Check out the game library and demo tables for a go at the newest releases.
Compete in board game championships and the chess tournament.
Also see the newest and best in toys. Also shoot your friends with Nerf stuff!

Personally I will be hovering around Terra Mystica and trying to steal a copy.

New Loot

New Force Pack for Star Wars LCG – A Dark Time and Data Pack – Future Proof for Netrunner

Tammany problems but Tammany Hall ain’t one.

Expansion for the surprise dice drafting game: Seasons – Enchanted Kingdoms

Arctic Scavengers: pretty much the first deck building game. Unless you want to fight about Starcraft the Board game.

Magic the Gathering Dragon’s Maze  Intro Pack and sole event deck. Which has a weird dual land there. 

What we played?

Netrunner Regionals were all over the last month. I have managed to win one and looking to win a second regionals. It is pretty much my favorite card game at this point. I love the interplay between runner and corp an entire game revolving around hidden information is way cool.

Also Cyberpunk. CYBERPUNK!

Lastly Glory to Rome is still a favorite of my gaming group however the timing in the game is weird. Probably need to find a way to win faster with different strategies instead of the game durdling out.