We are running into the last month of our mid year sale. Time is running out fast so be sure to keep checking if your must have games are back in stock. We do have stacks of new games coming in and lots of restocks so keep an eye out for some bargains. 

Hanabi wins the Spiel!
All hail our new firework co – operative overlords.


Fresh Restocks

Game of Thrones the Board Game and Talisman are back instock after a minor hiatus.

Big News! King of Tokyo and its Expansion has just arrived so that long wait is over.

Finally to round off the restocks is Trivial Pursuit Master and Letters from Whitechapel which has been redone by FFG

Fresh Games

This week we have a bunch of new products.

I had the pleasure of playing Love Letter this week. It’s a fun fast game of deduction and a bit of luck. Actually goes for a bit longer than you would think but tremendous fun and good production value.  

We also have a new range of 3D Puzzles from Cubic fun. Check them out here and here and here.

And lastly Magic 2014 is here. We hope everyone had an amazing prerelease and the boxes and Fatpacks should be shipping on Friday.