We have stacks of new games that has just come in; including some really cool expansions for popular games.

Whats new?

We have the long awaited deluxe expansion for Netrunner – Creation and Control. Expect to spend hours fiddling with all these new cards and proceed to ‘hack’ apart the competition.

Some really cool steam punk board game strangely called Planet Steam showing that a Euro made by FFG is not a blast of hot air.

The Inn expansion for The Village; a Spiel winner, is now out allowing you to see the rise and fall of your little clan meeples.

Anime inspired Channel A combines Cards against Humanity and a japanime theme which should be a pick up for anyone who has an otaklue.

and other gems which you can check out on our Facebook Gallery.

What we played?

Boss Monster is a quick romp having an awesome theme and 8 bit graphics to boot. People try to bait heroes into their
Titanium Wars is an awesome concept.dungeon but if your dungeon is too attractive you will get pieced apart by a whole bout of stronger champions. The game play is fast and fun though very luck driven so it makes out to be a solid filler.

Zogars Gaze… enough said.Players buy and send their ships to challenge for planets in a space opera free for all. Simultaneous purchasing mixed with a King of Tokyo stands to make Iello another hit game. There is a bit of upkeep and some of the rules are a bit fiddly but the game shows heaps of promise.