Whats New?
It seems like August has alot of new games with not so new ideas.

Forbidden Desert does a pretty mean Forbidden Island impression, mimicking the cooperative classic.

We have a few Skullport expansions left. This expansion clearly leaves a mark on whats turning out to be a hot game of this year, especially since tabletop revisited it.

New Power Grid Expansions allow people to play UK or Quebec (?) and their surely interesting power scenarios.

Finally some cool Krosmaster Arena Action for all the people that love chibi figures fighting (which should be everyone)

What’s Restocked?

Big names are back in.

Hanabi has a massive shipment coming back in this week with no more shipments planned until Christmas and Pandemic has arrived so all preorders have left and should be expected to arrive soon.

What’s the Game? Gauntlet of Fools

Got to try this quick one out this week. The game is a fun bidding game which ends with a dicey gauntlet of
The bidding was heaps fun and is a pretty cool minigame until the meaty and thoroughly luck based crawlfantasy tropes.
You start of bidding for a Class and Weapon combinations by adding stat reductions (aka boasts) to snap them up from your friends.

Once you are suitably classy and armed an adventure deck will serve up monsters to fight until everyone dies and the one with the most loot wins.

begins. There is ALOT of tokens to distribute and stacks of dice to roll. The full game closes at around 30 mins so the luck becomes meted out pretty well.
For this week only we can give out a slight discount for Boss Monster so be sure to check it out.I would recommend this as a meaty filler and would see this played again because the theme is so cool. Only problems would be the management of alot of tokens and you can really feel the mechanics rather than the game at some points.