We have new game and cool board gaming happenings in Sydney this week!

Roleplaying Art Piece in Sydney 

Installed in Central station is a new and revolutionary art piece ‘I Think I Can’. Produced by Art and About Sydney, the piece allows people to directly influence the happenings of the sleepy village of Springfield. People are invited to complete a personality test and are given an avatar to interact with the town.Given the role of the art critic I proceeded to slam down an up and coming graffiti artist before wandering the town and appraising the performance piece which is life.

This installation will be up until the 6th of October so check it out when you can!

What’s New? 

Theros! That is all.Wave 3 X – Wing Expansions are coming in though we only have B-Wing in stock right now. They are proving to be super popular and like all the other expansions our stock of this product runs out fast.

People seem to be loving islands with the new game Castaway. This is a quick co-operative game but has semi co-operative elements making it tonnes better than a co-op.

Obligatory AEG cash in for Smash Up is the Obligatory Cthulhu Expansion. Sure to be a cult classic this expansions ensures everyone to be fighting each other in the game and out of the game to control the Cthulhoid faction. How meta!

What did we play?

Theros! That is all

Had tonnes of fun during the Theros Pre-release. Managed to play three times including the soul crushing midnight prerelease and did very well for all three.

This set looks amazing fun and a semi flavour win. Krakens and Greek mythos is what games are about. The Heroic mechanic is awesome and creates a huge title fight which is mad.

Loving this new set and will look fun to draft and eventually make me broke.