What’s New

Stacks of new games as we gear up for Christmas!

New Queen game Lost Legends – drafting action mixed with semi cooperative themes. The rules reminds of 7 Wonders and Cutthroat Cavern to create an experience where you need everyone’s help but don’t want anyone to steal the kill.

Munchkin Pathfinder for all you role players out there. I’m sure that it adds heaps of roleplaying jokes not already covered by 8 Munchkin expansions.

Dungeon Roll is a nice new small game. It plays fast and it has that cool mix of management and push your luck. I love the fast gameplay too so it really fits that niche of 10 minutes do something gameplay.

Magic Commander 2013

Talking about massive release before Christmas is the huge Magic supplement of the summer.
The Commander sets have always been pretty massive releases and this will prove to be no different.
These sets tend to have a bunch of unique cards and awesome multiplayer madness. These supplements have included the unique cards like Scavenging Ooze and the sick Shardless Agent.

Be sure to check em out here, here, here, here and here.

What we are playing!

Lost Legends is a pretty amazing game. Having stacks of fun exploring that game play which is the best part of stabbing people in the back and drafting ( My fav mechanic)