We have a new year with heaps new games and more gaming done!


Aside from picking up the newest titles; there is stacks of games to play and things to do. Personally I challenge myself to stay in the Wargaming Hall for increasingly longer periods of time before I pass out from the ambient body heat.Love gaming and checking out the newest releases? Get to Cancon 2014, Australia’s largest board gaming convention. Our stall will be our biggest one yet and we are bringing in our A- Game with exclusives and the newest of loot at the best of prices.

If you are interested in more info on the convention check it out at the link here : http://www.cgs.asn.au/cancon/


New Loot

We have stacks of new games to ring in the New Year.Star Wars LCG : Balance of the Force to transform
Galaxy Trucker: Latest Model allows you to free from crash your spaceship into heaps more debris.your sprawling LCG into a sprawling team based game. I do feel I have to keep picking up expansions due to my love of anything Star Wars related.

Freedom for you hard core period strategy gamers.

Euphoria for that awesomely themed worker placement Euro game action.

Finally Space Cadets Dice Duel to add to the growing arsenal of dice games (ala Dungeon Roll).

What did we play?

Nations. Nationsnationsnationsnationsnationsnationsnations. Nations.

Picked it up before Christmas due to the hype. Never looked back after picking the game up. It feels like a cleaner version of through the ages and you can really feel it in the design. I loved the large amount of options you are given every turn which means every game becomes pretty different every play through.