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XCOM: The Board Game


alien invasion

XCOM: The Board Game is a cooperative board game of global defense for one to four players.


Placed in command of the elite military organization known as XCOM, you and your friends must find some means to turn back an escalating alien invasion. As UFOs appear in orbit and worldwide panic threatens to undermine national governments, the game’s free companion app and its push-your-luck dice rolling mechanics immerse you deep in the tension and uncertainty of a desperate war against an unknown foe.


You are humanity’s last hope…

Where Others Have Failed, You Must Succeed.

A Digitally Enhanced Experience

The most notable aspect of XCOM: The Board Game is the way that it incorporates a free digital companion app into the core of its gameplay. The companion is easy to access, available both as an online tool or as a downloadable app.Within your games, the app heightens suspense as it both coordinates the alien invasion and permits a dynamic turn structure, something that would be impossible without its use.

In XCOM: The Board Game, the alien invasion has begun. Early encounters have only served to prove that the world’s militaries are hopelessly outgunned. Panic leads to riots, and governments struggle to maintain any control. Human civilization is on the brink of collapse…

As the department heads of XCOM, you and your friends must succeed where the world’s militaries have failed. You lead the elite members of an international, military organization, which is funded by a secret coalition. It is your job to destroy UFOs, research alien technology, uncover the alien invasion plan, and find some way to turn back the alien invaders. You must do this all while preventing the collapse of the governments that secretly fund your organization, and you must do it quickly. You do not have the luxury of time.

Each game of XCOM: The Board Game requires the cooperation of XCOM’s four department heads: Commander, Chief Scientist, Central Officer, and Squad Leader. Whether you play the game solo, with one friend, or with three, you must always include all four roles. Each department head manages a specific set of responsibilities, and each is vital to the world’s defense.

xcom gameplay

Toy and Games Expo 2014 and the Australian Boardgames Championships ACT

Toy and Game Expo 2014

2014 looks like its going to be a big year for the Toy and Game Expo. After a huge attendance last year, TAG14 looks like it will be the biggest one yet. Heaps of new exhibitors like Moose Toys will be there and there is the usual huge amount of board games to play and too buy.

We plan to bring a bigger and better stall this time around with the usual awesome selection and value prices.

Check out what else is on:

Join in on the 5-6th of July!

Australian Boardgaming Championships

Think you are hot in Carcassonne, Dominion, Ticket to Ride and Settlers? There is only one week left to try your hand in the ACT Family Tournaments.
Prizes include paid trip and accommodation to the Australian Boardgames Championships during TAG14 in Sydney.
Play with the best and see how well you go. I also hear that the winner of the Ticket to Ride Championships gets offered a trip to Paris.

Live in the ACT? Check out the details here:

Join in on the 20-21st of April!

A New Year and CANCON 2014

We have a new year with heaps new games and more gaming done!


Aside from picking up the newest titles; there is stacks of games to play and things to do. Personally I challenge myself to stay in the Wargaming Hall for increasingly longer periods of time before I pass out from the ambient body heat.Love gaming and checking out the newest releases? Get to Cancon 2014, Australia’s largest board gaming convention. Our stall will be our biggest one yet and we are bringing in our A- Game with exclusives and the newest of loot at the best of prices.

If you are interested in more info on the convention check it out at the link here :


New Loot

We have stacks of new games to ring in the New Year.Star Wars LCG : Balance of the Force to transform
Galaxy Trucker: Latest Model allows you to free from crash your spaceship into heaps more debris.your sprawling LCG into a sprawling team based game. I do feel I have to keep picking up expansions due to my love of anything Star Wars related.

Freedom for you hard core period strategy gamers.

Euphoria for that awesomely themed worker placement Euro game action.

Finally Space Cadets Dice Duel to add to the growing arsenal of dice games (ala Dungeon Roll).

What did we play?

Nations. Nationsnationsnationsnationsnationsnationsnations. Nations.

Picked it up before Christmas due to the hype. Never looked back after picking the game up. It feels like a cleaner version of through the ages and you can really feel it in the design. I loved the large amount of options you are given every turn which means every game becomes pretty different every play through.

Pathfinding & Commanding is How You Roll

What’s New

Stacks of new games as we gear up for Christmas!

New Queen game Lost Legends – drafting action mixed with semi cooperative themes. The rules reminds of 7 Wonders and Cutthroat Cavern to create an experience where you need everyone’s help but don’t want anyone to steal the kill.

Munchkin Pathfinder for all you role players out there. I’m sure that it adds heaps of roleplaying jokes not already covered by 8 Munchkin expansions.

Dungeon Roll is a nice new small game. It plays fast and it has that cool mix of management and push your luck. I love the fast gameplay too so it really fits that niche of 10 minutes do something gameplay.

Magic Commander 2013

Talking about massive release before Christmas is the huge Magic supplement of the summer.
The Commander sets have always been pretty massive releases and this will prove to be no different.
These sets tend to have a bunch of unique cards and awesome multiplayer madness. These supplements have included the unique cards like Scavenging Ooze and the sick Shardless Agent.

Be sure to check em out here, here, here, here and here.

What we are playing!

Lost Legends is a pretty amazing game. Having stacks of fun exploring that game play which is the best part of stabbing people in the back and drafting ( My fav mechanic)

I Think I Can… I Think I Can…I Thi-

We have new game and cool board gaming happenings in Sydney this week!

Roleplaying Art Piece in Sydney 

Installed in Central station is a new and revolutionary art piece ‘I Think I Can’. Produced by Art and About Sydney, the piece allows people to directly influence the happenings of the sleepy village of Springfield. People are invited to complete a personality test and are given an avatar to interact with the town.Given the role of the art critic I proceeded to slam down an up and coming graffiti artist before wandering the town and appraising the performance piece which is life.

This installation will be up until the 6th of October so check it out when you can!

What’s New? 

Theros! That is all.Wave 3 X – Wing Expansions are coming in though we only have B-Wing in stock right now. They are proving to be super popular and like all the other expansions our stock of this product runs out fast.

People seem to be loving islands with the new game Castaway. This is a quick co-operative game but has semi co-operative elements making it tonnes better than a co-op.

Obligatory AEG cash in for Smash Up is the Obligatory Cthulhu Expansion. Sure to be a cult classic this expansions ensures everyone to be fighting each other in the game and out of the game to control the Cthulhoid faction. How meta!

What did we play?

Theros! That is all

Had tonnes of fun during the Theros Pre-release. Managed to play three times including the soul crushing midnight prerelease and did very well for all three.

This set looks amazing fun and a semi flavour win. Krakens and Greek mythos is what games are about. The Heroic mechanic is awesome and creates a huge title fight which is mad.

Loving this new set and will look fun to draft and eventually make me broke.


Fresh new digs and the Game of the Week: Gauntlet of Fools

Whats New?
It seems like August has alot of new games with not so new ideas.

Forbidden Desert does a pretty mean Forbidden Island impression, mimicking the cooperative classic.

We have a few Skullport expansions left. This expansion clearly leaves a mark on whats turning out to be a hot game of this year, especially since tabletop revisited it.

New Power Grid Expansions allow people to play UK or Quebec (?) and their surely interesting power scenarios.

Finally some cool Krosmaster Arena Action for all the people that love chibi figures fighting (which should be everyone)

What’s Restocked?

Big names are back in.

Hanabi has a massive shipment coming back in this week with no more shipments planned until Christmas and Pandemic has arrived so all preorders have left and should be expected to arrive soon.

What’s the Game? Gauntlet of Fools

Got to try this quick one out this week. The game is a fun bidding game which ends with a dicey gauntlet of
The bidding was heaps fun and is a pretty cool minigame until the meaty and thoroughly luck based crawlfantasy tropes.
You start of bidding for a Class and Weapon combinations by adding stat reductions (aka boasts) to snap them up from your friends.

Once you are suitably classy and armed an adventure deck will serve up monsters to fight until everyone dies and the one with the most loot wins.

begins. There is ALOT of tokens to distribute and stacks of dice to roll. The full game closes at around 30 mins so the luck becomes meted out pretty well.
For this week only we can give out a slight discount for Boss Monster so be sure to check it out.I would recommend this as a meaty filler and would see this played again because the theme is so cool. Only problems would be the management of alot of tokens and you can really feel the mechanics rather than the game at some points.

Being a Boss (Monster)

We have stacks of new games that has just come in; including some really cool expansions for popular games.

Whats new?

We have the long awaited deluxe expansion for Netrunner – Creation and Control. Expect to spend hours fiddling with all these new cards and proceed to ‘hack’ apart the competition.

Some really cool steam punk board game strangely called Planet Steam showing that a Euro made by FFG is not a blast of hot air.

The Inn expansion for The Village; a Spiel winner, is now out allowing you to see the rise and fall of your little clan meeples.

Anime inspired Channel A combines Cards against Humanity and a japanime theme which should be a pick up for anyone who has an otaklue.

and other gems which you can check out on our Facebook Gallery.

What we played?

Boss Monster is a quick romp having an awesome theme and 8 bit graphics to boot. People try to bait heroes into their
Titanium Wars is an awesome concept.dungeon but if your dungeon is too attractive you will get pieced apart by a whole bout of stronger champions. The game play is fast and fun though very luck driven so it makes out to be a solid filler.

Zogars Gaze… enough said.Players buy and send their ships to challenge for planets in a space opera free for all. Simultaneous purchasing mixed with a King of Tokyo stands to make Iello another hit game. There is a bit of upkeep and some of the rules are a bit fiddly but the game shows heaps of promise.

Sale continues and all new line of 3D puzzles!

We are running into the last month of our mid year sale. Time is running out fast so be sure to keep checking if your must have games are back in stock. We do have stacks of new games coming in and lots of restocks so keep an eye out for some bargains. 

Hanabi wins the Spiel!
All hail our new firework co – operative overlords.


Fresh Restocks

Game of Thrones the Board Game and Talisman are back instock after a minor hiatus.

Big News! King of Tokyo and its Expansion has just arrived so that long wait is over.

Finally to round off the restocks is Trivial Pursuit Master and Letters from Whitechapel which has been redone by FFG

Fresh Games

This week we have a bunch of new products.

I had the pleasure of playing Love Letter this week. It’s a fun fast game of deduction and a bit of luck. Actually goes for a bit longer than you would think but tremendous fun and good production value.  

We also have a new range of 3D Puzzles from Cubic fun. Check them out here and here and here.

And lastly Magic 2014 is here. We hope everyone had an amazing prerelease and the boxes and Fatpacks should be shipping on Friday.

Big restocks coming in! Last days of the sale!

I hope everyone is taking heaps of advantage of the stock take sale that we have right now.

Perfect time to pick up awesome games at a steal. Personally would pick up some copies of the new games like Sedition Wars and City of Remnants.  Do note that with the sale orders can have minor delays due to the large influx of orders. Them’s the breaks when you are getting games at a bargain!
Big Restocks!

We are expecting some big guns back in stock soon.

Pandemic and it’s remade expansion On The Brink should be back instock next week.

Forbidden Island resurfaces on Friday so most people will get their copies sent out then.

Fresh new games

Check out some old school favorites like Loopin Louie and Don’t Rock the Boat from Crown and Andrews.  

Also FFG’s new dudes on a map game Gear World is in for all your steam punk needs.

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